Winter 2012


Top-class hockey on world-class grass

TenCate has been the official partner of the Royal Dutch Hockey Federation (KNHB) since 1 September 2012. The partnership agreement is for a period of four years and focuses among other areas on the 2014 Men’s and Women’s Hockey World Cup in and around The Hague. TenCate will deploy its very latest hockey synthetic turf system for these championships.
Top-class hockey on world-class grass
Picture: Frank Uijlenbroek
The 2014 Men’s and Women’s World Cup in and around The Hague is the next major international hockey event after the Olympic Games in London. With its professional synthetic turf systems TenCate intends to make a significant contribution to the success of the World Cup. TenCate has also adopted the KNHB module European Hockey League. This is an annual international tournament for hockey clubs at Easter in 2013. TenCate will install a number of synthetic turf pitches for the World Cup up to and including 2014. The KNHB does not itself commission the installation of pitches: this is the responsibility of the organizing committee and the local authority concerned. 
Top-class hockey blue grass

The main pitch used during the 2014 World Cup will be the Kyocera Stadium, the home base of ADO Den Haag Football Club. The surface presently being used here will be removed at the end of the football season and be replaced by the synthetic turf system. After the Hockey World Cup this system will in its turn be replaced by a new natural grass pitch. Next to the stadium there will be an open hockey stadium with the same type of synthetic turf system. In addition, permanent pitches based on the World Cup standard will be installed at the grounds of well-known hockey clubs. These are clubs selected by the KNHB. These pitches will also be used by the participating hockey teams from other countries for training purposes. 
sustainable stadium greensource
Because hockey is played on water-based pitches, there is a desire to collect and reuse this water as far as possible. GreenSource makes this possible. The KNHB aims to help countries where clean water or a lack of water presents a problem for the installation and use of water-based hockey pitches. 
The partnership between the KNHB and TenCate will run until 2016, at which time both partners will assess whether the experience gained and possible new projects and insights provide sufficient reason for the partnership to continue.
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)