Winter 2012


Equestrian sports grass

Synthetic turf systems based on TenCate fibre technology are now also available for equestrian sports. The EquiGrass system reduces the risk of injuries, improves performance and is environment friendly.
Synthetic turf is making an unstoppable advance in both top-flight and recreational sports as well as in landscaping. TenCate subsidiary GreenFields recently took its first steps in the world of equestrian sports. The lunging circle, training mill and racetrack can now be fitted with the EquiGrass synthetic turf system. The key factor here is to create an optimal surface for training and competitions for both rider and horse. 
tencate equigrass hindernis 
The basis of this system is the TenCate XP Blade™ fibre, an extremely strong, wear-resistant and fibrillated fibre, which is incorporated into a 3D woven matrix structure. The fibres are not tufted into the top layer, as in conventional synthetic turf systems, but instead are woven into it. This is a proprietary innovation developed by GreenFields. In other sports, such as football and hockey, it gives a demonstrably better experience of the sport. 
tencate equigrass duo
The EquiGrass system was introduced during the Military Boekelo (October 2012) by Ivo Munsterhuis (left) and Gerrit van Weeghel (both GreenFields)
There are two different versions, depending on use, each with its own pile height. For the racetrack and the dressage area the 95 mm pile height is the more suitable, while the version with 42mm pile height is ideal for the horse walker. The fibres ensure an optimally level surface and dimensional stability of the sand (or other surface) in the walker. The flat surface, stabilizing layer of sand (performance infill) and backing combine to give the synthetic turf system a stable, comfortable top layer. The bottom layer of the system consists of a shock pad (optional) and a sub-base, which is a sand layer that has a bearing and draining function. The shock pad is installed at right angles to the top layer and has grass fibres with a 10mm pile height. This layer provides shock absorption and energy restitution, which safeguards against unnecessary stress being placed on tendons and joints, thus reducing the risk of injuries and improving performance.
tencate equigrass detail 
The EquiGrass synthetic turf system is first and foremost functional, but it also gives the jumping arena a more natural appearance. The system is suitable for use in any equestrian discipline. And while we’re talking of natural, it is also a sustainable system. The entire synthetic turf structure is fully recyclable. The raw materials used in it (polyolefins) do not contain any materials that are harmful to the environment during processing.
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)