Winter 2012


Brand new protection for fire brigade

TenCate Protective Fabrics is to supply fabrics to the Amsterdam-Amstelland fire brigade for their new turn-out gear. The clothing that is based on these materials proved to deliver the best performance during the test period that was part of the tender. The order is for a total of two thousand items of turn-out gear. The brigade now has strong and comfortable protection that presents a clear and distinctive image. This order is an important reference for TenCate. 
The order was placed by Lion Apparel, a German producer of high quality protective, working, service and special clothing. The turnout gear from Lion Apparel based on TenCate Tecashield® materials performed the best in terms of protection and wearer comfort and proved to be outstanding especially in the practical tests.
Protective clothing fire brigade test 1
The new uniform during one of the tests
The outer shell from the TenCate Tecashield® collection, MI 9180 (Millenia Light™), satisfies the requirements of being able to resist high temperatures for a long time and not tearing or breaking open. This ensures that fire-fighters are protected for as long a time as possible against both heat and fire, thus extending the time they need to escape. Tests have shown the TenCate material to be the only one not to break open or become porous after exposure to extreme heat and fire. 
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)