Winter 2010

TenCate realizes global network

TenCate is putting the finishing touches to realizing the Global TenCate Network. All the TenCate companies across the world will be interconnected within this global IT network. Result: rapid, reliable communication and IT support accessible to all, as well as cost efficiency and a contribution to a clearcut presentation of the company.

The process to realize the Global TenCate Network consists, among other things, of concentrating the IT services by means of three IT shared service centres: EMEA (Europe and Dubai), USA and Asia. Within this network all companies are being standardized in terms of IT infrastructure (Microsoft Exchange), which brings numerous advantages. Employees worldwide will have at their disposal – besides the traditional telephone system − internet, intranet, e-mail and Office Communicator, which serves for audio communication, video conferencing and the exchange of documents and other data. Sharing the systems, IT know-how and costs means saving costs for external consultants, as well as promoting internal cooperation.

(photo: sharing know-how and systems)

At the moment the Asian companies are ‘hitching a ride’ on the SSC EMEA, but in 2011 the SSC Asia will be realized. When this unit has also been completed, TenCate will have a worldwide network that can rival the best in terms of process optimalization and cost efficiency.


Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)