Winter 2010

TenCate Liba® stands the test

TenCate Advanced Armour and Dynamit Nobel Defence invited a number of business relations to become better acquainted with the antiballistic properties of lightweight protection solutions with TenCate Liba®. Heavy artillery was brought in, comparable to that used in Iraq and Afghanistan. TenCate Liba® came through the test with flying colours.

Ballistic experts examining the impact on TenCate Liba®

The demonstrations were held in one of the bunkers of Dynamit Nobel Defence near Burbach (Germany). An international gathering was assembled there, including technicians and designers from ministries of defence, other government agencies and weapon and vehicle manufacturers.

The fitted TenCate Liba® inserts proved to be sufficiently impact-resistant. The same applied to an insert that had previously been shot at and then repaired

Some seven tests were conducted in Burbach. Sights were set on lightweight repaired protection solutions using TenCate Liba®. It was decided to reproduce a high level of threat in accordance with STANAG 4569. A damaged TenCate Liba® insert can be quickly and easily repaired. TenCate Liba® is also considerably lighter in weight than traditional steel, which make a substantial difference to the weight, fuel consumption, speed and manoeuvrability of the armoured vehicle.

TenCate Liba®

Both inside and outside TenCate a great deal of knowledge and experience has been gained relating to projectiles and the consequences for armouring when they are ignited. And yet the behaviour and results of heavy explosives remain difficult to calculate. At such a high level of threat ‘we leave the field of science and enter the domain of the unpredictable’, as Dynamit Nobel Defence’s Herbert Weisshaupt put it. This underlines the importance of the protection of people and vehicles using lightweight solutions which incorporate TenCate Liba®. 

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)