Winter 2010

TenCate Grass at World Expo 2010

The Netherlands could rejoice in considerable international interest during the World Expo Better City. Better Life in Shanghai (China). The pavilion Happy Street welcomed more than 7 million visitors − a feat that placed the Netherlands among the top 5 most visited pavilions.

Every day thousands of Chinese took advantage of the opportunity to relax in a park equipped with TenCate Grass.

Part of Happy Street (pictures: Peter Cox)

Many took a peek at this compact dynamic city, which was organically constructed by designer and architect John Körmeling along a pedestrian strip in the form of the Chinese lucky number 8 and illustrated every facet of Dutch life.

Beneath this elevated city was a kind of park in miniature with synthetic grass (made from fibres and backing from TenCate Grass). Every day thousands of visitors, including many Chinese, sought the shade to rest for a while.
The World Expo closed at the end of October and the pavilion is now being dismantled. The materials will be reused or recycled.

Over the past years TenCate has built up a leading position in the Asian synthetic turf market. This market is characterized by consistent growth, which is stimulated by an increasing number of new users and a growing preference for synthetic turf.  

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)