Winter 2010

TenCate Cetex® in concept car

Avions Voisin, an historic French car make, is soon to take on a second lease of life. Work is in progress on a new, luxury concept car with this name. Design, sustainability and eco-efficiency are of paramount importance in this mobility concept – that’s also why TenCate Cetex® is one of the materials applied.

The hand-made Voisin A-JT is the brainchild of Mattthijs Meulenbelt and Frans Lievaart. These two Delft engineers are working on this jointly with the University of Twente, where they are responsible for the master class on automotive design. As an innovative Dutch car company, they are going to design and build hand-made cars for the executive sector.

TenCate Cetex® will be applied round the engine compartment

The bodywork of the prototype consists mainly of aluminium, which makes the car lighter and ensures fuel savings., The temperature in the engine compartment can rise considerably, so that’s why TenCate Cetex® is used here.

Gabriel Voisin (left) and his brother Charles (picture:

Gabriel Voisin was an aviation pioneer, who from 1919 applied his experiences and revolutionary ideas to cars. Until 1939 the company produced luxury cars. The design of the second-generation Voisin is taking careful account of the buyer’s wishes. Mass production is out of the question, so the A-JT is not a car for the multitude; it is distinctive – just like the TenCate materials it incorporates.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)