Summer 2013


Geogrids for infrastructure

In recent years TenCate geosynthetics have been used in the United States of America in such undertakings as installing sports fields, realizing landscape projects and repairing roads. In a number of cases TenCate Miragrid® has been applied: geogrids of various kinds and strengths for reinforcing earthworks. 

2 geosynthetics randolph situatie voor

The situation in Lynchburg when construction had just started 

A short while ago Randolph College in Lynchburg (Virginia, USA) acquired a new athletics field and track stadium. Owing to the existing topography (the sports facility is located in a very hilly area), Circeo Geotechnical Engineering decided to build retaining walls, with stadium seating incorporated into one of the retaining walls to give better viewing.

2 geosynthetics randolph tribune 

So the choice fell on TenCate Miragrid®. The construction began with a wall more than eight metres high and finished with a ten-metre-high tiered wall. This tiered wall design allowed for placement of the stadium seating, as well as the press box. 

2 geosynthetics randolph situatie gereed 

The result is a professional sports facility, with retaining walls that meet aesthetic and strength requirements and can accommodate spectators and reporters.

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Highway 109 near St. Louis after the landslide 

Highway 109 in the hilly suburbs of St. Louis (Missouri, US) is an extremely busy two-lane road that suffered a landslide in March 2011. The Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) had to commission an emergency slide repair as quickly and as economically as possible. So it opted for parallel strips of TenCate Miragrid® to reinforce the slope wall and non-woven TenCate Mirafi® for drainage purposes.

2 geosynthetics road reinforcement na 

Thanks to this choice of materials, the contractor could complete the project ahead of schedule. Two years after delivery the solution is still fully satisfying expectations.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)