Summer 2013


TenCate rolls out the orange carpet

On Tuesday 30 April seven Dutch embassies in foreign countries rolled out a carpet fit for a king. This was to celebrate the investiture of their new monarch, King Willem-Alexander, on that day. Each carpet was handmade by GreenFields from TenCate monofilaments.

‘One thing is certain: our embassies in Abu Dhabi, Beijing, London, Oman, Paris, Tokyo and Washington have a splendid carpet to roll out today’, to quote the words of a full-page advert on the back of the Government Gazette. In the advert TenCate showed an orange carpet bearing the Dutch national coat of arms. All the Dutch embassies in the above-mentioned cities received one from president and CEO Loek de Vries on behalf of TenCate. They are ‘eminently suitable for use when receiving royal trade missions’.

2 grass carpet oman
At the Dutch embassy in Oman 

Each carpet was handmade by GreenFields from texturized polyethylene monofilament orange and white synthetic turf fibres from TenCate Grass. ‘This reflects the latest developments in the hockey market’, Ben de Keijzer (manager, supply chain & product design, GreenFields) tells us. ‘The synthetic turf to be used during the 2014 Hockey World Cup will have a similar fibre and structure.’ The carpet measures two by four metres and is suitable for outdoor use, as the synthetic turf fibre is UV stabilized and colourfast. Mutual interest Royal Ten Cate has operations throughout the world, in countries such as China, France, Japan, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States. The role of these diplomatic representations has acquired a more economic character, which has thus increased mutual interest. For TenCate as a growing multinational, trade missions are important and for this reason there is even more frequent contact with the embassies and the consulate generals in these countries.

2 grass carpet beijing
At the embassy in Beijing. From right to left, ambassador Aart Jacobi and his wife Tomoko Jacobi, Raoul Starmans (business development manager Greater China) and Chen Peng (TenCate Grass Asia).  

Rolling out the orange carpet at the embassy in Beijing was a good opportunity to present TenCate to a wider public in China, Raoul Starman reflected on the occasion. ‘Our carpet was well received and will certainly be here to stay. The ambassador thanked us personally and we have also received positive reactions from the department of economic affairs.’ The investiture offered the Chinese a good opportunity to learn more about Dutch culture.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)