Summer 2013


Dialogue with shareholders

On Thursday afternoon, 18 April, the 56th annual general meeting of shareholders of Royal Ten Cate took place in Almelo. For the Executive Board and Supervisory Board an excellent platform for a substantive dialogue with shareholders and investor relations

Part of the presentation by President and CEO Loek de Vries consisted of animations of new developments, which served to ‘communicate the enthusiasm and make plain what we are involved in. During road shows abroad we’ve noticed that people don’t always understand TenCate – and yet it’s remarkably simple if you take a good look at the company.’

2 avva loek de vries
President and CEO Loek de Vries 

Then he ran through the basic technologies of TenCate and discussed the four market groups. Each market group is worldwide leader and has a substantial market share. Examples of new developments shown by Loek de Vries included integrated synthetic grass systems and composites for automotive applications and protection solutions for vehicles (survivability solutions). ‘Thanks to the 3D-woven matrix technology, total system costs are much lower than those incurred when using the traditional production method, and it also means we can shorten the value chain.’ 

2 avva tafel rvb rvc
And when it comes to automotive applications, ‘If like us you have mastered the specifications for aerospace, it is not difficult to make composites for the automotive sector. People are amazed at what we can do. Thermoplastic composite can reduce vehicle weight by 35-40%. The fact that major concerns such as BASF and Owens Corning wish to form an alliance with us says something about our capabilities – although we still have to tread carefully.’

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Among those present were 107 private and institutional shareholders

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)