Summer 2012

Landscaping: a growth market for synthetic turf

TenCate Grass focuses in addition to sports applications also on landscaping: the use of synthetic turf in public green spaces and in gardens. Sports applications are currently the principal market in synthetic turf. The market for landscaping is, however, growing rapidly and is expected to have greater long-term potential and scale than the sports market.

Examples of the use of synthetic turf in landscaping include green strips alongside roads and tramways and at airports, lawns outside homes and hotels, synthetic turf on balconies, playgrounds and other recreational facilities

Until about ten years ago practically all that was available was low-pile, hard polypropylene mats, better known as ‘balcony grass’. This is when TenCate took its first steps in the high-end landscaping market with the Royal Grass brand. TenCate already had the necessary knowledge, skills and capacity for the production of synthetic turf. In addition to sports applications, TenCate increasingly turned it focus on the landscaping market. Product enhancements and innovations for sports, such as blades of turf that could remain upright better and that felt soft, could often be passed on to this young but rapidly developing market.

Synthetic turf roofing

The project market is the latest trend. This involves large-scale projects with major contractors, such as 100,000 m2 of synthetic turf strips along tramways in Gaziantep (Turkey). Other examples are the green areas alongside motorways and intersections in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. Airport runways would also seem to be an obvious application. In terms of area in any case this is an attractive market.

Synthetic turf at the entrance of Ankara Airport (Turkey)

TenCate is able to supply the landscaping market fast and flexibly. Distribution to end customers is organized through companies such as TigerTurf, Condor and Royal Grass. Meanwhile, product development continues non-stop. Non-horizontal applications such as roof insulation require yet other functionalities. As an alternative to rubber tiles at playgrounds TenCate is developing synthetic turf with antistatic characteristics. In hot countries the consumer would appreciate synthetic turf blades with a cooling function.
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)