Summer 2012

2012 Shareholders' meeting

On Thursday, 19 April Royal Ten Cate held its annual general meeting of shareholders in Almelo. This was the 55th AGM held by this listed company. The venue was once again the business room at the Polman Stadium in Almelo. Present among others were 91 private and institutional shareholders, with 12,467,481shares lodged.

A major part of the annual general meeting was spent on discussion of the annual report. President and CEO Loek de Vries provided an explanation of the report.

Josette Hermans represented the VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development). She welcomed the fact that TenCate is engaged in making all aspects of sustainability measurable and visible. The Association feels that transparency could be improved, because for competition reasons TenCate does not disclose certain information.

Wim Swarte (Association of Stockholders): ‘Loek de Vries was once again very enthusiastic in providing information about developments at TenCate, both present and future,’ he said afterwards. ‘That makes you proud of the company, even as a shareholder.’

Tony tenCate is a private investor. He knows TenCate pretty well. He complimented the company, the board and employees with the results achieved in 2012.  'You really did a good job.'


Willem Burgers (Add Value Fund) asked about the activities in synthetic turf and the developments in inkjet technology. He was one of the guests who visited Xennia Technology two years ago..



Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)