Summer 2011

TenCate Performance Warranty: a milestone

On 13 April 2011 TenCate Grass, together with its business partners, Edel Grass and Oranjewoud Realisatie, presented the TenCate Performance Warranty certificate to Flevo Boys Football Club in Emmeloord (NL). 

The introduction of the TenCate Performance Warranty makes TenCate Grass the first company in the international synthetic turf industry to offer a warranty and insurance on the performance and durability of synthetic turf pitches that are made with TenCate components.

Guido Vliegen (global group director TenCate Grass) hands out the certificate

TenCate Performance Warranty gives the owner of the pitch confidence about its durability and use. A chain management system with a certification programme was drawn up in collaboration with the independent certifier SGS Intron. The insurance that Allianz can issue for Flevo Boys’ synthetic turf pitch comes with the guarantee of a FIFA 2 Star performance for five years. Grass fibres based on TenCate XQ™ technology make it possible to construct pitches that will continue to meet FIFA 2 Star requirements for a long time.

The TenCate Performance Warranty is ‘a milestone in the world of synthetic turf’, Frans Harmeling (product & development director, TenCate Grass; left) says. ‘The synthetic turf sector has various forms of insurance, but this is the first pitch for which insurance is issued at the highest level for the playing characteristics of a synthetic turf pitch. If you use quality components in the right setting you can create a perfect synthetic turf system that will produce a good, durable and safe performance. ’


Young Flevo Boys on the new pitch

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)