Summer 2011

Bert Cornelese, CFO and member Executive Board

On the recommendation of the Supervisory Board, Bert Cornelese was appointed chief financial officer (CFO) and member of the Executive Board of TenCate during the TenCate Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 21 April.

In txtures 2 he speaks about his background, experiences and ambitions. A couple of quotes.

'As CFO of TenCate, one of the most important tasks is to see that the financial performance is consistent and corresponds to the expectations that we and the shareholders have. You also create sustainable growth, continuity in a company, through recurrent healthy performances. Co-management of these aspects is one of the main tasks of a CFO. Within the Executive Board of two, Loek de Vries is the CEO, the general manager and the face of the company; as CFO you are both supplementary and complementary. You manage the company together.’

'It’s important for TenCate to develop its strategy further. If this is right and everyone knows what is going to happen, TenCate will grow. You can expect to see my attention turning in this direction. If the business grows, you as a person and as an employee grow. This company can grow further and we have every opportunity to achieve this. That’s where my ambition lies.’

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