Summer 2010

Xennia Technology winner Queen's Award

On 21 April Xennia Technology was declared the winner of the celebrated Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2010, an award named after Queen Elizabeth II of England.

This is considered the most prestigious award within the United Kingdom for business performance and was awarded to Xennia for its ‘outstanding achievement’ in growing its international business. The award underscores the international sales success of the robust inkjet solutions marketed by Xennia worldwide.

‘Perfect storm’
The level of inkjet technology developed to date and the availability of robust solutions (including a process based on inkjet printing modules and inks) coincide with signs of an economic recovery. This has led Managing Director Dr Alan Hudd to speak of a ‘perfect storm’. In this case the storm is generated by technology push and market pull − the relation between the development of new or improved products and the market demand for products with new or improved characteristics. Xennia’s strategy focuses on the rapid and reliable application of inkjet technology in industrial markets worldwide, with Europe, China and the USA being important growth markets for the company. Over the last three years the company’s international sales have grown at an average rate of 45% per year, and export sales currently represent more than 90% of total company sales.

Managing Director Alan Hudd: 'a perfect storm’

Marketing Manager Tim Phillips speaks for all his colleagues at Xennia when he says how extremely pleased he is to receive this award and the favourable reactions stemming from it: ‘We held a surprise breakfast for all Xennia staff on the morning of the announcement, which generated a lot of positive feeling about the award. We see it as an endorsement of our success and a strong addition to our brand. And we intend to exploit this to the full!’

The Queen’s Award flag is flying outside the building, the accompanying banner is displayed in the staff room, and the Award logo now graces the Xennia website. The award itself will be presented to Xennia by the Queen’s Lord Lieutenant in July and company representatives have been invited to a reception at Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s official London residence.


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