Summer 2010

TenCate Tecashield® for turnout gear Lillehammer

The fire department of Lillehammer in Norway has opted for turnout gear on the basis of TenCate Tecashield® MI 180 (Millenia Light™) for the outer shell and TenCate Tecashield® KR 610 (Arashield™) for the reinforcement inserts on knees and elbows.

A total of 50 firefighter suits are involved, half of which are to be delivered this year and the other half next year.

The fire department of Lillehammer

TenCate Tecashield® is an inherently heat- and flame-resistant fabric. ‘It is the Rolls-Royce of fabrics for outer shells for firefighters’ − as was established by exhaustive comparative tests in Lillehammer. The good briefing by product engineer Mike Allen and the supervision by TenCate in cooperation with the agent have convinced the fire department of the merits of TenCate materials.

KR610 (Arashield™) is a highly durable and hardwearing fabric that is already used by many clothing manufacturers as reinforcement for knees and elbows − and for other final applications, such as shields for the Dutch Mobile Unit for Riot Control.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)