Summer 2010

TenCate Mirafi® RS580i for a durable subgrade

A short while ago a renewed material became available for reinforcing the subgrade and stabilizing roads: TenCate Mirafi® RS580i. The material integrates the five most important requirements specified in road building.

TenCate Geosynthetics in Georgia (US) has spent several years working on this geosynthetic material and on the actual production process. The material has a new weave pattern, is even stronger and has an improved drainage function. Traditionally each subgrade and each application have demanded a specific product but now road builders can use, without any problem, a single product for stabilizing and reinforcing the foundation of every possible subgrade whatever the circumstances.

The double-layer material integrates the five most important requirements or properties specified in road building to ensure optimal performance: separation, reinforcement, confinement, filtration and simple product identification. This means the costs for the end-user are lower and natural resources are conserved as far as possible.

TenCate Mirafi® RS580i - 'the integrated difference''

In the first instance TenCate Mirafi® RS580i will be applied in North and South America. Applications for patent protection have been filed in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Chile relating to the new double-layer weave pattern that enables the five properties to be integrated (hence the i) in the material. Although the desire to combine all five properties in a single product dates back quite some

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)