Spring 2012

Aircraft armour

TenCate has built up a strong position worldwide in armour composites and in space and aerospace composites. In recent years more and more aircraft and helicopters have been fitted with armour.

TenCate possesses the processes, materials, certification and know-how to respond to this trend and does so through collaboration and partnerships with customers such as Airbus, Eurocopter and AgustaWestland and with a Tier 1 interior aircraft supplier. This contribution is a good example of the synergy between TenCate companies in advanced composites.

Contacts with both companies were made at TenCate Advanced Armour in Vissenbjerg (Denmark, picture) and Primarette (France). This is where ballistic panels are pressed and cut for AgustaWestland.

The finishing of these is carried out at the TenCate facility in Primarette (France), with the French being responsible for the quality of the product.

The facility in Primarette has since last summer been fully equipped for the development and production of composite materials for both industrial applications (vehicle and personal protection) and helicopters and aircraft. The company satisfies the EN9100 standard. This includes the quality system requirements in conformity with ISO 9001:2008 and additional requirements which apply specifically to the space and aerospace industry and to defence.

The contacts at TenCate are Thomas Bejstrup (commercial sales manager, aerospace projects in Vissenbjerg) and Jean Beugels (programme manager, aerospace in Primarette).

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)