Spring 2011

Open innovation

TenCate is often initiative taker and partner in open innovation and co-creation, and plays an important role internally, regionally and nationally in innovation and development projects.

An open innovation centre for advanced materials on its own location in Nijverdal is close to realization. The TenCate technology roadmaps are the basis for every development within TenCate.

Technological innovation is the cornerstone of the TenCate business model. Besides its own internal (closed) innovation, TenCate collaborates with partners in the value chain on chain innovation and with third parties in open innovation projects. Here TenCate is generally the initiative taker. TAPAS and TPRC are examples of chain innovation, while an example of open innovation is the Open Innovation Centre Advanced Materials (OICAM).

An important role is ascribed to advanced (technical) materials as the next step in technological innovation and a spearhead for regional development. OICAM is an ‘open workplace’ where the business community and academia can come together to develop new functionalities. It’s buzzing with ideas. The open innovation centre in Nijverdal is housed in the TenCate business facility.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)