Spring 2011

Entrance to new defense markets

Through the acquisition of AML UK, the market group TenCate Advanced Armour has gained a strong foothold in the British market for lightweight composite armour solutions.

Based on the strong position they have now acquired in the British defence market, the opportunities presented in the armour market worldwide can be fully harnessed.

AML UK is involved in the design and production of materials for vehicles (as well as aircraft and naval vessels) for the British Ministry of Defence and allied contracting parties. In addition the company offers a series of products for the safety market. Contacts between TenCate and AML UK dated back ten years, several times in the form of successful cooperation on a project basis, including that regarding Warrior and BAE Systems.

Now AML UK is integrated in the TenCate Advanced Armour organization. TenCate has combined the existing AML relationships with many of the key defence organizations in the United Kingdom, each with its own extensive network and existing contractual work. Such work includes armoured equipment programmes and the so-called ‘urgent operational requirements’ programmes. Since the acquisition, TenCate Advanced Armour has been involved in a number of collaborative projects in the United Kingdom. It has supplied ballistic solutions for UK warships for the protection of gunners.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)