Spring 2010

TenCate Tecasafe® for German energy giant

Dietmar Rohrbach, on behalf of TenCate Protective Fabrics EMEA, is responsible for end-user marketing in Austria, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany. His contact at EnBW, the third largest energy company in Germany, was safety engineer Helmut John, who is responsible for systems, infrastructure and support and who sees worker safety as top priority.

‘I’m greatly concerned about the safety of the workers and support them in this respect with the appropriate protective clothing. First comes protection, next wearer comfort, and then durability and price.’ As far as EnBW was concerned, the characteristics of the new clothing had to be already present in the fabric and the design fully tailored to EnBW. After the tendering process, the various bids were assessed according to the specifications − and TenCate Tecasafe® carried the day. Then a number of garment-manufacturers were asked to submit quotations based on this fabric. A team of experts that is responsible within EnBW for personal protection equipment also came to the conclusion that TenCate Tecasafe® most fully satisfied the requirements. The order comprises 150,000 articles since TenCate fabrics are applied here and ranges from outer jackets and overalls to jackets and trousers.


Competition Helmut John (picture right) values the cooperation and communication throughout the whole process. However constructive the contacts may be, a call for tenders is by definition an objective and competitive procedure. The description must not reveal who the supplier will be. ‘Although EnBW can prescribe the kind of material as a benchmark, we and the team of experts wish to keep our options open. Consciously or unconsciously you carry your experiences with you, particularly if two quotations are evenly matched. Now, after a number of years and tenders, we’re firmly convinced of the merit of TenCate Tecasafe®.’

Experience has taught Dietmar Rohrbach (picture left) the key to success. ‘To be able to give good and objective advice, it’s important to have the right know-how at your disposal. We’ve already been able to demonstrate this in a diversity of projects. And it’s also important to be able to offer the customer quality products and service, due date delivery, and advice and assistance in the event of problems. In my opinion, this is the way to build up a long-lasting relationship.’


Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)