Autumn 2013


Making acquaintance in Morgan Hill

The employees at the production and administrative facilities of TenCate Advanced Composite’s (TCAC) location in Morgan Hill, California, USA, received a visit from Member of Congress, Zoe Lofgren, in late April. The program included a guided tour and a talk with TenCate employees.  

Zoe Lofgren (CA-19) has been a member of the United States House of Representatives for almost 20 years. Since the beginning of this year she has represented TenCate Advanced Composites (TCAC) facility in Morgan Hill. Some of America’s largest tech companies are located in the Congresswoman’s district, and she recognizes the importance of meeting with and understanding the issues important to those companies, including TenCate Advanced Composites. 

visit lofgren 2

Steve Mead, Scott Unger and Joe Morris, members of the executive team, showed her how advanced composite materials were made there. She was impressed by the high tech industry she viewed and enjoyed learning about TenCate’s operations. 

visit lofgren 3

After the guided tour Congresswoman Lofgren sat down and met with employees from TenCate Advanced Composites. The Congresswoman fielded questions from employees and discussed a range of topics with them – including issues occupying Washington. Michael Cichon (Director of Product Marketing) enjoyed the visit. “It was helpful for us to meet with Zoe Lofgren from the perspective of letting her know the high value global aerospace manufacturing employment that is within her district.”  

visit lofgren 1

Government Relations Building and maintaining relations with members of Congress is one of the key objectives of the Office of Public and Government Relations of TenCate in Washington, DC. Visits like this one to Morgan Hill give companies such as TenCate Advanced Composites the opportunity to meet their representatives in person and discuss issues relevant to their business and employees. In the words of general manager Joe Morris, “It is always good that our representative in the American Congress understands what we do and that we have an avenue to her and her staff should we need support in the future.”

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