Autumn 2012


Armour for Foxhound LPPV

TenCate Advanced Armour has received a follow-up order for the supply of 100 TES (Theatre Entry Kits) for the Foxhound LPPV 4x 4 military vehicle. The initial order of 204 TES kits were supplied in 2011 and are currently being deployed in Afghanistan. 
The Foxhound is in part the result of cooperation between government and UK industry and with TenCate Advanced as a part of this cooperation.
Armour for Foxhound LPPV 1

The Foxhound is able to carry up to six military people and provides the highest levels of survivability anywhere in the world for this size and class of vehicle [Photo: Richard Watt, Crown Copyright / MOD 2012]
The new vehicle was displayed at the Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD) Exhibition at Millbrook (Bedfordshire, UK), the largest of its kind in Europe. On this occasion Peter Luff (Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology) expressed his support for the cooperation between the Ministry of Defence and industry. Both he and the army staff are aware of the quality delivered by TenCate. ‘Foxhound is a great example of what can be achieved through the Ministry of Defence and industry working closely together’, he said. ‘I want to maximize the extent to which industry uses an open systems approach both domestically and in the global market, enabling us to buy “off the shelf” as far as possible.’ 
Armour for Foxhound LPPV 2

Peter Luff, British Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology [Photo: Graeme Main, Crown Copyright / MOD 2012]
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)