Autumn 2012


Orange Cruyff Court in Kraków

The Dutch national football team did not leave much of an impression behind during the 2012 European Football Championships in Poland and Ukraine. What the players and staff did, however, leave behind was an Orange Cruyff Court. 
Orange Cruyff Court in Kraków 1

The players and staff of the Dutch national team opened this football pitch for young people based on TenCate synthetic turf in Kraków (Poland) on Tuesday 5 June. This is the 158th Cruyff Court, the 22nd Court outside the Netherlands and the seventh Orange Cruyff Court worldwide.
The Cruyff Court came about in collaboration with the Dutch national team and staff, the Dutch Football Association with its World Coaches project and the municipality of Kraków.
Orange Cruyff Court in Kraków 2
TenCate Grass developed the TenCate Tapeslide™ XP fibre specially for intensively used sports pitches such as Cruyff Courts. Since the introduction of these fibres nine years ago, TenCate has studied a large number of these high-use pitches worldwide. All the pitches studied turned out to be still in excellent condition and showed either no signs of wear or very few.
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)