Autumn 2010

TenCate composites well on track

TenCate develops and produces advanced composites for the space and aerospace industry, among others. TenCate composites are light, strong and durable, which also makes them ideal for sustainable mobility concepts. Recent applications are the NovaBike motorcycle and the Anemo wind-powered car. Initial results are promising.

Both Team Anemo and Team NovaBike consist of students and lecturers in Delft, at the Hogeschool INHolland and the TU respectively. TenCate is sponsoring both teams with lightweight composite materials from TenCate Advanced Composites and flame-retardant overalls from TenCate Protective Fabrics. TenCate is also supporting the teams with specific knowledge. When it comes to projects of an innovative nature, TenCate deliberately opts for sponsoring in kind. It allows the company to investigate other material applications for composite materials than for example the space and aerospace industry. The students involved will be employed as engineers or designers at aerospace-related companies in several years’ time. The experience that they gain with these materials will provide them with a better understanding of what is and is not possible in the field of design and manufacturing. This often leads to TenCate with its materials becoming involved in development projects.

The NovaBike uses carbon and aramid fabrics for among other things the construction of the racing bike’s bodywork. Carbon reinforcement is used to make a component that is as light and rigid as possible. Aramid fabric is used in components that have to be able to withstand impact. TenCate supplied carbon fabrics for the body and the DonQi-turbine of the Anemo II. This is used for the decentralized generation of electricity and is of crucial importance to performance.

The racing bike’s bodywork

In 2010 Team NovaBike developed the first Dutch racing motorcycle powered by bio-ethanol in the Supermono class, in which the motorcycle takes up the challenge against regular gasoline-powered motorcycles in order to promote the use of sustainable fuels in motorcycle racing.

The NovaBike team

Team Anemo is competing for the second time in the Wind Turbine Race in Demark in September 2010. Teams from universities throughout the world will be coming here with their self-built wind-powered cars. The Anemo II is exceptional due to its sustainable character and the large-scale use of composites, because the team wants to build not only the fastest and most sustainable car, but also the lightest. Its power will then be used to make speed instead of to displace mass. The team has focused heavily on the weight of the car. It’s also in the nature of aircraft builders. Composites are becoming ever more important in aviation.

The Anemo team

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)