Autumn 2010

TenCate Campshield™ for group tents

The Beach House tent from The Tent Company in Laren (Netherlands) is a completely new designed tent, which is mainly used for exclusive parties. It is based on TenCate Campshield™ fabric from TenCate Outdoor Fabrics.

This is an innovative fabric with inherently flame-retardant properties. It is resistant to scorching, smouldering and sparks and complies with numerous European standards.
The level of safety and protection that this TenCate Campshield™ product provides has attracted great interest, particularly from the market for group tents – such as scouting, aid organizations, the army and tour operators. 

The Beach House tent of The Tent Company based on TenCate Campshield™

As an innovative developer and producer of high-tech materials, TenCate is constantly enhancing the quality and durability of protective fabrics and developing new functionalities.
TenCate Campshield™ product is an inherently flame-retardant fabric that in fact works like a time buffer. In the unlikely event of fire breaking out in or near a group tent, this flame-retardant fabric will provide extra protection and thus more time to reach safety.

The fabric also has a great breathable and moisture-regulating capacity, which is important for ensuring a pleasant climate in the tent, particularly with large groups.

The first scouting tent made incorporating TenCate Campshield™ fabric was to be found at the JubJam 100 in Roermond (NL) at the end of July this year. To mark the centenary, TenCate presented Scouting Nederland with a huge tepee, also made from TenCate Campshield™ fabric.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)