Autumn 2010

Sustainable grass - systems and warranty concepts

At the end of 2009 TenCate Grass presented to other companies in the sector a concept for the fourth generation of synthetic turf: Concept G4™ (picture). The aim of this conceptual system development is to achieve the best possible combination and integration of functionalities of the various components.

There are a number of system components that are not or not yet made by TenCate. The synthetic turf system can be installed more quickly and simply by integrating the technical layers and stability layers into it.

As market leader, TenCate aims to achieve constant improvement of these quality aspects that determine the lifespan of sports fields. This is only possible by cooperating in the chain as effectively as possible. By developing a complete synthetic turf system and (with strategic partners) launching it on the market, TenCate will ultimately have a greater influence on the end product. TenCate is entering into partnerships and strategic alliances with major suppliers of synthetic turf systems and it also has interests in synthetic turf companies that market the systems. The company thus contributes to enhanced awareness of quality among end-users and quality assurance among companies in the value chain. These alliances and partnerships will be further integrated into its global commercial strategy.

In October 2009, FC Breukelen (NL) received the FIFA 2 Star performance warranty

Thanks to its system approach, TenCate is the first company in the international synthetic turf industry to offer a warranty on the technical characteristics (quality guarantee) and lifespan (sustainability guarantee) of synthetic turf fields made with TenCate components. One of the warranty concepts is aimed at fields for league football. The other relates to extreme-use fields, such as football fields for youngsters and school sports fields.

FIFA 2-Star is the performance level that football federation FIFA has defined for league football at the highest level. Synthetic turf fibres with the TenCate XQ™ Technology enable fields to be built that will long continue to meet FIFA 2-Star requirements. In cooperation with the insurance company Allianz and under certain quality conditions, TenCate offers a five-year FIFA 2-Star performance warranty: the TenCate Performance Warranty Concept™.

TenCate Tapeslide XP™

For high-use fields TenCate Grass last year introduced a five-year sustainability guarantee on fields made with TenCate Tapeslide XP™ fibres. This guarantee too will be offered through selected commercial partners. ‘This warranty programme is an expression of TenCate’s confidence in the sustainability of our TenCate Tapeslide ™ XP products’, said Guido Vliegen (Commercial Director, TenCate Grass). TenCate provides technical specifications and conducts performance tests. A specification for a field with improved sustainability includes not only the right synthetic turf fibre but also critical information about its installation and the maintenance of the synthetic turf system. Everything is geared to ensuring that the system meets all expectations. Moreover, for specific applications TenCate provides guidelines on the use and maintenance of the right synthetic turf products.

The football field in Kristiansand (Norway) was installed with TenCate Tapeslide™ XP fibres. It is used for more than 3,000 hours a year

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)