Autumn 2010

Scoring with sports sponsoring

TenCate has become involved in numerous sports, partly due to its activities in the synthetic turf industry and then a direct link is sought with technological innovations. Sponsoring of sports activities is one of the ways in which TenCate implements its social commitment, creating an emotional bond between the TenCate brand and the materials that are of crucial importance in the end product.

An example of banners in the Polman Stadium

As a company and valuable brand, TenCate seeks to promote itself in both recreational and top-flight sport. Since 2003 TenCate has been the main sponsor of Heracles Almelo. Supporters club Bianco Nero is regularly supplied with fabric for making banners, which give the match extra colour. The same applies to the supporters’ club of national champion FC Twente in Enschede. An advantage at Heracles Almelo is that guests can go onto the synthetic turf field immediately after the match to inspect it at close quarters.

TenCate is making targeted efforts to align its brand image and identity more closely and to further strengthen and enhance this. As a producer of high-tech materials, TenCate seeks to become known to a wider public, who as business associate or shareholder may of course also have their own interest in the company. In the business-to-business environment there are more and more products and brands demanding attention. Companies battle for the favours of decision-makers and end-users. Brands and brand loyalty fulfil a crucial role as the binding agent between customers and companies. Within TenCate too the importance of an active branding policy has increased over recent years.

The TenCate brand is associated with a certain type of sport, sports organization or sporting activity. Often sponsoring in kind is carried out through the supply of materials, such as synthetic turf, composites or protective fabrics. In this way the mission of TenCate – materials that make a difference – is translated time and again into an opportunity to bring  products or systems directly or indirectly to the attention of a wider public.

Sports matches and sports events in particular have great attention value for both those attending and those watching at home. National and regional television have high ratings. The intended effect is achieved among supporters thanks to the emotion that the game produces. The art of sports sponsoring is of course to associate the TenCate brand with the right sport, the right experience, the right enthusiasm and the right emotion. In the most ideal situation the brand is associated with a particular sport, club or player and the brand values are thus directly communicated: performance, sustainability, innovative strength, system thinking and total solutions.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)