Autumn 2010

Roadmap for technological innovations

TenCate promotes technological innovation. Technological developments are charted by means of roadmapping. The TenCate technology roadmap makes the relationship between technologies, products and markets visible. Taking this technology overview as its benchmark, TenCate is drawing up a technological glance into the future for each market group. The starting point for this is the required functionalities and properties of materials.

What are the needs of the market? Which of these does TenCate intend to meet? Can the company create a distinctive profile for itself in this area? What technological and technical developments are afoot? What is going on in research and development? How can we align these different aspects? The results of all this will be translated into functionalities and then into techniques and technologies. 

Products are becoming more complex, multifunctional and customized. Time-to-market and lifecycles are becoming ever shorter and competition is growing fiercer. There is an increasing need to gain a better understanding of social changes, industrial trends and market and technological developments. Roadmapping allows that landscape to be charted and gives direction to product development, points out opportunities and potential, indicates critical factors (risks and uncertainties) and makes it much easier to identify product obsolescence and areas of future growth. It provides a better basis for decisions to be taken on research, development and investments.

A roadmap is also a communication model that provides an insight into what you are doing and how you picking up on developments. There are roadmaps for products, markets and technologies. No two roadmaps are the same and they are certainly not the work of a single person - the world is far too complex for that. Roadmapping is a group process with different experts.

TenCate bases its growth on worldwide trends. There is no shortage of such drivers on a roadmap. Trends like water shortage, the need for safety and fuel savings are an indication of where the world is heading. These drivers are translated into market developments and customer needs.
One of the current trends is limiting risks. Companies are responding to this with personal means of protectionand monitoring systems. There is also a role reserved for textiles here, for example with clothing as a carrier of computer-integrated systems.

Extracting water from synthetic turf?

A second megatrend is the increasing shortage of water.  In this innovation project TenCate is working with partners on a method of extracting water from synthetic turf. Cover an area with synthetic turf for landscaping and don’t allow the rainwater to escape or evaporate, but store it in an underlying system. This can be achieved by cooperation with a company that recycles plastics and provides a system layer for this.


Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)