Autumn 2010

In search of product champions

TenCate develops and produces functional materials and systems which through their characteristics are distinctive and provide added value. These materials and systems are the result of materials science. It is the task of the Corporate Technology Department to select ideas for new developments and to help develop and create new materials or systems.

There are different types of innovation at TenCate: technological innovation, product and process innovation, market innovation and organizational innovation. The most sustainable innovations are a combination of at least two elements. In TenCate’s case this means that innovations are being sought in the technology segment. The role of Corporate Technology is to select ideas, design business cases, arrange financing and partnerships and to develop technologies and products.

A corporate technology roadmap has been drawn up based on strategic planning. In order to offer market solutions based on the organization’s existing strengths, related technologies are being sought that will make those solutions possible.

Martin Olde Weghuis (Manager Corporate Technology)

New developments are being worked on both in-house and with partners. The particular focus is on product champions: these are the top products when it comes to performance and sales, like TenCate Defender™ M. In order to find these ‘diamonds’ and to pursue those projects that are worth investing in, Martin Olde Weghuis (Manager Corporate Technology) has developed the Champion Selection model. This model is intended to increase the probability of success of promising projects and to focus efforts only on ‘the true diamonds’.
Using the Champion Selection model as its base, a team of employees with different specialisms will assess the project proposal. If this proposal scores sufficiently well on two indices, it goes on to the development phase. A new diamond has been found for TenCate.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)