Autumn 2010

Field lab for sports innovations

TenCate has linked its name to the TenCate Sportboulevard Enschede (NL). Here, high-quality facilities for recreational sports will be created and an innovative programme has been set up for new sports facilities based on synthetic turf. TenCate’s contribution consists of sponsoring in kind and the development of new materials and systems for use in sports.

The TenCate Sportboulevard Enschede is one of the New Sporting Opportunities Field Labs, which are used by the NOC*NSF umbrella organization in order to focus on innovative recreational sports. Other organizations involved in the Foundation include the Municipality of Enschede, sports clubs, primary schools and a health centre in this part of the city. For the Field Lab there is cooperation between the Municipality of Enschede, the University of Twente, Oranjewoud Realisatie and Edel Grass.

TenCate is making a contribution to the further development of innovative sports facilities, based on different applications for synthetic turf and on the creation of a field lab, where new developments will be tested scientifically and in practice. One of the goals of the project is to produce an innovative sports infrastructure of international allure using synthetic turf applications.

One of three padel courts at TenCate Sportboulevard Enschede

A new synthetic turf field (water-based field) with a camera analysis system was installed for EHV Hockey Club. The Enschede Bowls Club plays on the EHV field once a week. TEZ Tennis Club has recently taken delivery of four new tennis courts and three brand-new padel courts. Many innovative materials were used in building these fields, such as the technical layer from Sekisui Alveo, which was created partly on the basis of knowledge from TenCate. The high quality of this field was noticeable during the two international matches that were played at EHV in the context of the RABO Trophy in July. The teams from New Zealand and Argentina  said that this was ‘the best field we’ve ever played on’. A multifunctional synthetic turf field will be installed later this year at the EHV location. The use of synthetic turf will shortly make it possible to organize activities for different sports all year round.

The hockey match between the Netherlands and New Zealand during the RABO Trophy (picture: Sportboulevard Enschede)

The experiences of the Municipality of Enschede, participating clubs and users, relating to both the collaboration and the now completed projects, have been very positive so far. The process has led to benefits of synergy and an understanding of innovations, which are important especially for the users.
The NOC*NSF stated at the opening of the padel courts that it was ‘proud’ of the fact that this collaboration could lead to such tremendous results in the area of both sports (increased participation in sports) and the improvement and expansion of facilities.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)