Autumn 2011

Inkjet technology at speed

With the relaunch of Osiris, TenCate has acquired a specific application of inkjet technology for the textile sector. Osiris and Xennia Technology both operate in the inkjet technology market, although on the basis of different directions in technological solutions. Technological cooperation strengthens the Xennia proposal for applications in the field of textile printing and functional coatings for technical textiles.

The Xennia Osiris machine

The textile sector − in particular the fashion industry − already uses inkjet technology for small series and samples. What is new, however, is the use of inkjet technology for continuous production processes at high speeds, with a high degree of precision and / or with high-quality printing. The major advantages of this technology are the quick response time, end-user-specific products (mass customization) and reduced stock-keeping and production costs. The technology for these applications is still under development, but Osiris is the first producer to reach high production speeds with inkjet technology.

On the Osiris machine at Vishal Fashion in India large volumes of fashion fabrics are being printed every day.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)