Autumn 2011

GreenSource: synthetic turf as filter

TenCate and Pentair X-Flow have presented the first demonstrator developed in open innovation for drinking water management. This project, known as GreenSource, combines a synthetic turf system from TenCate with the water filtration technology from Pentair X-Flow.

GreenSource, the combination of synthetic turf and water treatment, will make it possible to use drinking water and other water management worldwide both on sports complexes and on landscaping based on synthetic turf. This applies particularly in areas where water shortages prevail or only polluted water is available.

GreenSource was presented on the occasion of the opening of the Open Innovation Center for Advanced Materials (OICAM) in Nijverdal on 7 July (picture Wim Journee). On a synthetic turf lawn in front of the OICAM building and a test arrangement inside, the process was demonstrated. TenCate provided the top layer of the system: the synthetic turf and underlying geotextile. The water filters came from Pentair X-Flow, which is skilled in membrane and ultra-filtration technology. TenCate is currently working on the development of a synthetic turf fibre which will attract and absorb condensation from the air.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)