Autumn 2011

Composites torsion box for Airbus

As part of the Thermoplastics Affordable Primary Aircraft Structures project, aircraft manufacturer Airbus and its partners, including Fokker Aerostructures and TenCate Advanced Composites, are examining the potential applications for thermoplastics in aircraft. In this context Fokker Aerostructures has built a full-scale demonstrator of a torsion box based on carbon laminates.


Building the torsion box; the first skin is completed

The horizontal tail of the Gulfstream G650 business jet served as a model for the torsion box. The development is targeting future Airbus programmes.TenCate can play a role in this with TenCate Cetex® carbon composite.

The demonstrator is ready

In September 2011,  work will begin on a test programme at the National Aerospace Laboratory in the Noordoostpolder (NL). The results will be made known in the early spring of 2012. Where necessary, these will lead to adjustments to the design. Once this has been done, the torsion box will in principle be ready for production, with the incorporation of TenCate Cetex® composite materials.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)