Autumn 2014

Capitol Hill turns orange

Capitol Hill is the centre of government of the United States of America. Just a stone’s throw away is the TenCate Public and Government Relations Office. This office was closely involved in the recent Holland on the Hill programme, which included the special component of together enjoying the World Cup match between the Netherlands and Spain on a TenCate indoor football turf pitch.

The TenCate Public and Government Relations Office in Washington D.C. serves as corporate liaison for the TenCate companies in the United States. The office makes active efforts to raise the collective profile of both TenCate and the Netherlands on Capitol Hill, to better position the TenCate brand and to increase interest in TenCate solutions. This is being accomplished by organizing meetings, lectures and receptions at and with companies, government agencies and social organizations.

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The ties between the Netherlands and the United States stretch back more than four hundred years. The Netherlands is one of the top 15 trading partners of the United States. TenCate is part of the 275 billion US dollars of foreign direct investments that the Netherlands has made in the US. These are just two of the reasons why TenCate was a partner in the ten-day Holland on the Hill campaign. This is a joint project of the Netherlands embassy, the Dutch business community, the Netherland America Foundation and the Dutch Congressional Caucus. Holland on the Hill is about strengthening these ties at an economic, political and cultural level.

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As a corporate sponsor of Holland on the Hill, TenCate was able to continue promoting the company´s tremendous innovative strength in America. Employees of the TenCate office in Washington and of TenCate Geosynthetics USA and TenCate Advanced Armor USA were therefore involved in a number of meetings. Ambassador Rudolf Bekink recognizes the positive role that TenCate plays in its efforts to represent his country in the United States. ‘Our Dutch corporate partners represent the best the Netherlands has to offer in their designated fields. TenCate has proven its expertise and value throughout the years, whether it’s in the protective gear worn by US soldiers on the battlefield, in the geosynthetics that help protect the US shoreline or in the synthetic turf of American football stadiums. TenCate is a great partner to have.’

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To help kick-off the Holland on the Hill campaign the embassy organized a Congressional reception around the World Cup match between the Netherlands and reigning world champions Spain on 13 June. More than 500 Congressional staff, embassy staff, corporate representatives and other guests enjoyed Dutch products and stood on a 70-square-metre indoor pitch donated by TenCate in the Rayburn Foyer, as they watched on broadband the Netherlands score a 5-1 victory over Spain.

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As guests made an appearance or left the reception in the Rayburn Office Building for the US House of Representatives, they walked over a Holland on the Hill carpet – also produced by TenCate.

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A week later ambassador Rudolf Bekink received members of Congress and executives from the Dutch corporate partners for a dinner reception at the embassy. Guests included John Henderson, Global Director of Water & Environment for TenCate Geosynthetics, and TenCate Advanced Armor President, Mark Edwards. They had the opportunity to help raise the TenCate profile with key decision-makers in Congress, many of whom are members of the Dutch caucus. The ten days were brought to a close with a breakfast meeting with corporate partners.

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