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Serrestal®: cow lounges in the Netherlands

Serrestal®: cow lounges in the Netherlands

Some years ago Erik Lindeboom and Marco Noordman, two Dutch business managers and graduates of Wageningen Agricultural University, developed an innovation in housing systems for dairy cattle - the Serrestal®: Cow LoungeTM. An important part of this modular system is its covering − a fabric-reinforced, coated (on both sides), transparent foil from TenCate Industrial Fabrics.

Most striking about the Cow Lounge are the modular building system, the shape, and the light and open construction. So, no heavy rafters or plating. The steel frame forms the basis of the superstructure, and its supports and crossbeams are thermally submerged. Highly durable, the construction can last for thirty years. The light and open construction means smaller foundations and therefore less steel, so investment in a Cow Lounge is significantly less than in a traditional barn. Thanks to the modular system, Cow Lounges are simple to erect and, what’s more, they fit in very nicely with the landscape.

The roofing material consists of fabric-reinforced, coated (on both sides), transparent foil from TenCate, covered with a shadow cloth. This allows optimal light. With the TenCate foils, a long life span is guaranteed. Our colleagues have been involved in developing the roofing for these lounges right from the beginning. Thanks to the fabric-reinforced foils, the distance between the steel rafters could be increased. The considerable amount of light that passes through the transparent roofing material contributes to increased fertilization results and milk production, and indirectly also has positive effects on veterinary costs.


ID Agro has now built around ninety Cow Lounges, 95% of these for beef cattle. The remaining 5% relate to barns for goats, pigs and poultry.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)