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Multi-layer protection on the job

Multi-layer protection on the job

TenCate Protective Fabrics aims at the protection of people on the job from the harmful effects of heat, flame and other related risks. The primary applications in which our products are used include structural fire fighting, wildland fire fighting and many industrial areas such as chemical, petrochemical, electrical and molten metal processing. We are designing, developing and producing the most comprehensive ranges of proven, high-performance fabrics used in manufacturing protective clothing.

The high-tech fabrics of TenCate become lifesaving garments for fire fighters and search & rescue personnel working under hazardous conditions in danger zones. TenCate is specifically helping to safeguard these men and women from the harmful effects of their important jobs. We provide the fire fighters with the broadest range of protective fabrics for turnout gear and station wear, like outer shells, moisture barriers, thermal barriers and outer shell reinforcements. For these professionals our fabrics become their most important line of defence against dangerous elements.

Worldwide TenCate is leading supplier of inherently heat- and flame-resistant protective fabrics for the fire service industry. Our innovative fabrics offer several significant advantages. In terms of comfort, with increased air permeability for improved breathability and moisture management. In terms of durability, with increased abrasion resistance for better performance under rugged conditions. These garments are the main source of protection against heat, flame, abrasion, liquid penetration and cuts. Understanding the functions and limitations of the turnout gear is vitally important. TenCate works closely with customers, end-users, fibre and chemical manufacturers and independent laboratories.

TenCate is offering fire fighters a multi-layer protection system that is comprised of three primary layers of garment. Each layer is designed with specific functionalities to provide firemen with the utmost.

System approach

TenCate Millenia-Light TenCate Tecashield

     TenCate Millenia-Light™

Moisture barrier TenCate Tecashield

     Moisture barrier

TenCate Quantum 3D TenCate Tecashield

     Thermal barrier:
     TenCate Quantum 3D™

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)