Financial calendar

Past events and their presentations can be found in the financial calendar archive.

Roadshow London / Edinburgh Rabobank International

When: Wednesday 19 & Thursday 20 March

More info:Roadshow London / Edinburgh Rabobank International

Download: 140227 - English Presentation annual results 2013.pdf

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

When: 17 April 2014

More info:AGM


Notation ex-dividend

When: 23 April

More info:Notation ex-dividend


Record date

When: 25 April

More info:Record date


Trading Update Q1 2014

When: 28 April 2014

More info:Trading Update Q1 2014


Period of choice cash or stock dividend

When: 28 April - 9 May

More info:Period of choice cash or stock dividend


Exchange rate

When: 12 May

More info:Exchange rate


Dividend payable

When: 14 May

More info:Dividend payable


Half year result 2014

When: 24 July 2014

More info:Half year result 2014


Trading Update Q3 2014

When: 24 October 2014

More info:Trading Update Q3 2014

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