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We live in demanding times. Wars, fires, and the desire to explore the reaches of our solar system all present unique challenges for this country. These challenges require equally demanding and innovative solutions. The kind of solutions that America has come to expect from TenCate; for the individual and in the land, air, sea and space.

TenCate Solutions - On land, sea, air and on the individual

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On the Individual
As the largest supplier of flame resistant fabrics in the world, TenCate Protective Fabrics sets the standard for permanently flame resistant uniforms. We are proud to protect American ground troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and shield America's firefighters and industrial workers from the daily hazards they encounter. TenCate also supplies Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) plates and components worn by U.S. and foreign military services.

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On the Land
When our troops ride into combat in a Stryker Combat Vehicle, Humvee or Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle, they're being protected by TenCate Advanced Armor. That's because our composite armor systems are on the forefront of IED, bullet and fragment protection. Now, TenCate's latest survivability technology, an advanced blast mitigation system to combat the effects of IEDs, is being tested on a number of U.S. vehicle platforms. 

Zumwalt Image Component On the Sea    
Our composites are being incorporated directly into the next generation of U.S. Navy destroyers, as well as being retrofitted to a variety of naval platforms, including the Zumwalt-Class Destroyers, scheduled for delivery in the next several years.


Mars Lander Image Component In the Air... and beyond
When the Phoenix Lander descended on Mars, oura advanced composites were trusted to help protect the Phoenix from the rigors of space. When our troops fly on missions in a Black Hawk, Sea Stallion, Chinook or Little Bird helicopter, they're being protected by TenCate Advanced Armor.  TenCate composites are sturdier than traditional materials, yet are 40% lighter. That is why they are trusted by the current generation of military and commercial aircraft and for use in their next generation long range aircraft. 
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