TenCate Office of Public and Government Relations

TenCate manufactures materials that make a difference.  Our materials and systems meet the challenges posed by the world’s toughest environments, protect American troops and first responders in harm’s way, and deliver sustainable solutions to the next generation. With over 1,500 American employees, we are dedicated to providing cutting edge solutions to Americans made by Americans. Found on the land, air, sea and space, our product solutions are made in over 15 locations across 4 states.

The Office of Public and Government Relations works to bring TenCate's message of innovation, protection and sustainability to Washington, D.C. Our office also helps support TenCate's efforts in remaining a responsible corporate citizen in our country, and in our local business communities. 

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   TenCate In Washington

The TenCate office Public and Government Relations works to spread TenCate's message of protection and American inginuity in the nation's capitol.
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Solutions that Sustain and Protect Americans
TenCate is dedicated to innovation and protection by Americans for Americans. We innovate to protect members of our Military and our first responders. We innovate to protect American infrastructure and safeguard our environment. 
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Corporate Citizenship: TenCate in America

TenCate takes pride in employing thousands of American workers across the United States and being a responsible corporate partner in our communities.