Future functionalities

By applying the special, self-cleaning finish the tent cloth will remain as good as new. Dirt will not stick to the coated fabric, and any dirt particles will be washed off the cloth during a local shower.

3D-woven types of cloth will create an insulating layer of air between the fabric on the inside and the outside of the tent. As a result, it will stay refreshingly cool in summer and pleasantly warm in spring and autumn.

A special finish that to people smells of lemon will keep mosquitoes away from the tent cloth. This anti-mosquito finish is harmless to humans. Tents with this quality will be extremely functional, particularly in the tropics and in humid regions or war zones.

RS4434_High_visibility-Web.pngHigh visibility
This quality, which makes the tent easily detectable, will provide tent-users with high visibility in any circumstances, especially in dangerous situations. The tent will be highly visible both during the day and with directed lighting at night. The retro-reflection will depend on the visibility value of the fabric’s finish.

RS4433_Glow_in_the_dark-Web.pngGlow in the dark
This special ‘glow-in-the-dark’ finish will provide visibility at night thanks to the sunlight it has absorbed during the day. This visibility will depend on the glow value of the fabric. Tents with this quality will be highly visible to the emergency services (Red Cross, First Aiders) or army at any time of the day or night. Childrens’ tents can be fitted with this functionality on the inside, which at night will work like a nightlight.

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