Go-4 Dakar

Go-4 Dakar

The Go-4 Dakar off-road vehicle is intended to take part in the toughest rallies in the world, such as Le Dakar in 2010. The HAN University (Arnhem, NL) has been working on this project together with more than 30 partner companies, including TenCate. Knowledge sharing, innovation and the environment are of central importance to the more than 100 students who are participating. The aim is to finish just behind the professional factory teams in the toughest of rallies.

TenCate fabrics based on aramid, glass and carbon fibres have been incorporated in the Go-4 Dakar car. Laminating several layers of fibre with synthetic resin to form a whole has produced an extremely strong and rigid structure. Laminated composite parts are five to eight times stronger than steel and also lighter than aluminium. An additional advantage is the low weight of the composite materials, and this saves fuel: the body weighs a mere 70 kilos.

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