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The DUT students Racing Team from the Technical University (Delft, NL) takes part in the international Formula Student every year. The racing cars are assessed on speed, safety, costs, reliability, design and road handling. Each year the DUT racing car is improved and updated as regards design, style, construction procedure and execution. Carbon fibre from TenCate plays a crucial role in this, thanks to its low weight and the ease of machining the material.

DUT RaceautoProvided they are well designed, the chassis and plating made of carbon fibre can be many times lighter than those made of aluminium or steel. Carbon fibres can be laid parallel to the forces, which allows major savings on material, thus again reducing weight and fuel. At the same time carbon fibres provide enormous freedom of form during design. The DUT Racing Team, for instance, also use carbon fibre to make the fuel tank, air intake, supporting arms, steering wheel and catch cans.

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