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TenCate Outdoor Fabrics is focused on the development and manufacture of technical fabrics for a variety of, mostly industrial, markets. TenCate is the international market leader in tent fabrics and an important player in the markets for awnings and contract dyeing and finishing. These fabrics meet the most severe demands as to quality and durability, and are produced in accordance with stringent Dutch environmental requirements.   


The attention devoted to product innovation and improvement is one of the reasons why TenCate is the market leader in tent fabrics. The R&D department’s well-equipped laboratory is continually developing fabrics, colours and treatments – both as commissioned by clients and on the company’s own initiative. Moreover, TenCate is also equiped with modern, efficient and flexible machinery that guarantees high quality and reliable deliveries.

The environment TenCate pursued a stringent environmental policy long before the environment appeared on the political agenda. The company makes substantial investments in measures to protect the environment, ensuring that the products have as little environmental impact as possible during their manufacture, use and disposal. Examples of these investments include the construction of an in-house water purification system, continuous monitoring of waste water and residues, and chemical recycling. In addition, the company only uses dyes free of carcinogens and constituents that cause skin irritation. Fabrics are bleached without the use of chlorine and coated without the use of solvents. For the treatment of fabrics no harmful CFCs or LPCP with a high environmental impact are used.

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