Weaving Technology

PEC Zwolle

PEC Zwolle is the second club in the Dutch premier league (after Heracles Almelo) that has opted for a GreenFields turf, which naturally satisfies the strictest FIFA requirements. The field was installed in June 2012 by C.S.C. Ceelen Sport Constructies of Zeewolde, the Netherlands. Zwolle endeavours to become a stable premier league club. And that deserves a field that is worthy of the premier division in every respect. The club has chosen an artificial turf field produced according to a patented 3D technique from TenCate for producing artificial grass clumps, which is sold worldwide by GreenFields, a subsidiary of TenCate. This innovative synthetic turf system makes use of the TenCate Evolution™ synthetic turf fibres.

The ingenuity of GreenFields artificial turf lies in the patented three-dimensional technique of TenCate for producing grass clumps that is used to weave together the fibres in multiple layers. The turf is not made up of the traditional tufted rows of artificial grass fibres, but out of individual artificial grass clumps. These grass clumps help the ball to roll naturally and provide considerably better coverage, thereby significantly improving the optical properties of the turf. Football players can also place their cleat studs more easily between the artificial grass clumps, just as with natural grass.
Thanks to the new technology with eco-friendly coating, only raw materials of the same type (polyolefin) are used. This makes the field easy and less costly to recycle after it has served its purpose. The infill material is also made of 100% recyclable polyolefin, just like the polyolefin backing material. 
PEC Zwolle was immediately charmed by this durable artificial turf field, says General Director Edward van Wonderen: “The artificial grass fibres used have already clearly proven their worth and the players claim that the innovative technique for producing grass clumps makes the turf perform just like natural grass. Not only that, but the field looks fantastic! A group of players trained on various fields and this type of turf was the one ultimately chosen.”
No more hard artificial turf fields 
The new artificial grass from GreenFields eliminates yet another disadvantage of traditional artificial turf fields. Many players experience the infill as problematic. That’s because, in the current systems, the infill settles between the fibres, making the field relatively hard. Thanks to the 3D technique for producing artificial grass clumps, however, the infill has plenty of room to move freely around the clumps, making the field soft and retaining a distinct sense of genuine grass, even after being played on intensively. 
TenCate Grass - PEC Zwolle