Warp knitted backing

Warp knitted backings

The TenCate warp knitted backings fulfill an invisible yet essential stabilizing task for synthetic turf systems. Intensive research and a constant focus on customer needs have resulted in a new generation of multilayer backing products for most outdoor sport applications in a variety of versions.

The TenCate warp knitted backings are lighter and yet stronger than the classic needle-punched backings and provide an excellent tuft bind. The unique construction of the backings provides excellent adhesion between the various layers. The warp knitted backings have lower latex or polyurethane absorption without compromising strength and stability. The unique features make the TenCate warp knitted  backings the perfect solution for today’s synthetic turf systems. 

  • Stronger than classic needle-punched products
  • Excellent tuft bind thanks to extra yarn system
  • Lower absorption of latex or polyurethane
  • Excellent adhesion between the various layers
  • Lighter in weight than classic constructions
  • Improved stability
  • Additional system functionalities available on an exclusive basis
TenCate Backing™ K06