Fleeced Backings

Fleeced backings

The fleeced backings are a range of fleeced outdoor backings. The addition of a needled fleece to a plain backing has several advantages for both processing and use in a synthetic turf system. For example the improved tuft bind of the yarn during tufting enables better processing. And due to the increase of latex adhesion and even distribution of the latex, the overall strength of the synthetic turf system improves and a more controlled adhesion is realized.

Product range:

  • H13 ( 149 gr/m2 )
  • H16 ( 165 gr/m2 )


  • More stable backing compared to plain backing
  • Better tuft bind of the yarn
  • Less movement of warp and weft during tufting; more regular tuft patterns
  • Improved latex adhesion


  • H16 is an excellent solution for fibrillated tape landscape systems
  • H13 and H16 are mainly used as a component in recreational application in dual feed primary system
TenCate Backing™ H16