28 octobre 2009

Edel Grass, GreenFields, Limonta, Mondo - partners of TenCate - awarded with FIFA Preferred Producer status

FIFA has awarded several partners of TenCate with the status of FIFA Preferred Producer in respect of football fields based on synthetic turf.

It is an important aspect of the strategy of TenCate to improve the quality and performance of synthetic turf sports systems through innovation and strategic partnerships. The new initiative of FIFA is aimed at the standardization of the quality of synthetic turf fields for football around the world and also to promote ongoing innovative development within the synthetic turf industry. Frank Spaan, director corporate development of TenCate: “TenCate fully supports the FIFA initiative as we believe it will increase awareness of the needed high performance and durability of football fields”.

At the FSB trade fair in Cologne (Germany) TenCate introduced a new warranty concept on the performance and durability of synthetic turf fields made with TenCate components in conformity with the FIFA Recommended 2 Star requirements. This warranty will be made available worldwide through selected business partners. With this concept TenCate and these partners provide a warranty based on the highest quality standards during the life cycle of a football field. Both the FIFA initiative and the implementation of the warranty concept of TenCate provide users of synthetic football fields certainty concerning important quality aspects and providing a high level of playability for years to come.


Royal Ten Cate
Almelo, The Netherlands, Wednesday 28 October 2009

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Download: 091028 Press release TenCate concerning FIFA Preferred Producer launch
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