18 mars 2009

Unique water-based pitch

A unique hockey pitch and a unique name: Taeke Taekema - the Dutch hockey international - opened the revolutionary “Triple-T System” water-based pitch on 13 March 2009.

Picture of hockey water-based pitch

In partnership with Edel Grass, TenCate Grass has developed a revolutionary hockey pitch. What makes this pitch unique is the fibre that is used. The pitch is constructed of a fibre system with more than one million filaments per square metre. This unique structure, in combination with a special, sustainable, shock-absorbent substratum, ensures perfect playing characteristics. These improved characteristics will enable this fully water-based synthetic turf pitch to raise top-flight hockey to an even higher level.

A unique pitch of course deserves a unique name. Hockey international Taeke Taekema is keen to link his name to this state-of-the-art hockey pitch because it has precisely the characteristics that the hockey player of today desires. The pitch therefore bears the name Triple-T System (Taeke Taekema Turf System). During the Hockey Scoop at M.H.C. Ede, the seminar about “the accommodation of the future” organized by Oranjewoud and Edel Grass on 13 March last, Taeke Taekema also expressed his views on this unique pitch. He pointed out that the pitch approaches the unique playing characteristics of the old nylon pitches when it comes to speed and ball roll, and these combine well with the low sliding resistance characteristics and shock-absorbent ability of the new water-based pitches. Taeke Taekema said: "By far the best pitch ever played on".

The Ede Mixed Hockey Club has acquired a unique fully water-based synthetic turf pitch. A fully automatic sprinkler installation ensures that the playing characteristics are shown to maximum advantage. The system was designed by TenCate Grass, Edel Grass and Oranjewoud Sport. Players and trainers alike are wildly enthusiastic.

In addition to the unique fully water-based pitch, two semi-water-based pitches have also been installed at the club. This development fits in with the ambition of this Ede hockey club. Thanks to the arrival of the new pitches the club has been able to expand from 450 to 800 members. Apart from offering hockey at amateur level, the club aims to host international matches on its new main pitch in the future. It certainly won’t be anything to do with the quality of the pitch if this doesn’t happen!

artificial turf heracles - TenCate Grass