27 mai 2011

TenCate Grass congratulates the Cruyff Foundation with its 14th Jubilee

The Cruyff Foundation celebrates its 14th Jubilee. Since the establishment of the Cruyff Foundation in 2003 we are proud to be associated with more than 100 Cruyff Courts around the world.

A Cruyff Court is the modern version of the empty grass plots that could be found in many neighborhoods in the past. Made of synthetic turf and situated at strategic locations, a Cruyff Court encourages youngsters to play sport at an early age. At the same time it promotes social integration.

In line with the 14th  jubilee year we sponsor the National Finals of Cruyff Courts  6 vs 6 Championship with three mobile Cruyff Courts that takes place on Saturday 28th May 2011. This event will take place in front of the Amsterdam Olympic Stadion and the champion of the Cruyff Courts 2011 will be crowned out of 10.000 children that have participated in more than 1.000 teams.

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